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How do we fix it?


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Und Reisetipps für Frauen (von der gleichen Site):

Do you have any safety advice for women travelers?
I'm reluctant to chime in for reasons that should be overwhelmingly obvious. I can only offer two non-useful statements that are somewhat at odds. The first I say often to anyone who'll listen, regardless of circumstance: the world is much safer than we are led to believe. The second is that there've been many times when traveling alone that I've felt grateful for being a man. It's an unfortunate reality that members of my gender can often make it a pain in the ass to be a woman.
In lieu of giving any real advice, I'll direct you to Beth Whitman and her site, Wanderlust and Lipstick. She's infinitely more qualified to respond to that inquiry. Beth literally wrote the book on the subject. Beth's email address is her first name @ her domain.

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